How it Works


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At RI Tick & Mosquito, LLC, our program towards a safer outdoor space is simple, easy, and effective!   We take pride in our work, treat each property with a site specific plan and guarantee the results. 

Step 1

Give us a call so we can answer any questions or concerns.  The product we use is safe for animals, humans and is eco-sensitive to the environment.  For long-term control, we will recommend treatments every 30 days as a maximum duration between service. Give us the "OK" and we will begin our program within 2 days of your call! 

Step 2 

Depending on site conditions, we might suggest that 14 days after the initial application we reapply and then schedule every 30 day intervals thereafter.  On sites with standing water we will add a larvicide to the mixture to rid the site of breeding insects.  During rainy weeks we add a sticking agent to the mix to help maintain effectiveness of the product for a longer period of time.  Each property is unique and treated with a site specific plan.  

If you have special dates or events, we will make sure to accommodate them and plan services around your event schedule.​ 

We take our obligation to you very seriously.  This will be evident in our work ethic and thoroughness.  We understand you called us because of a concern for your family's well-being.  We are punctual, follow through with our promises and are always available for special requests, concerns or any questions that might arise.  We are proud of our company and are confident that you will be too!!

Step 3 - Enjoy your property with the confidence that RI Tick and Mosquito has you covered.  We will keep you safe!  We guarantee it!!!  

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