Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost per application?

Approximately 90% of properties we spray are $80 per application.  We do have some very large estates we spray so the price would increase proportionally.  Give us a call to discuss. We are not high pressure sales.  Our track record speaks for itself!

Is the treatment safe for my family and pets?

We use an EPA approved water based solution that contains the synthetic version of Pyrethrum (an organic compound known as pyrethroids) which is derived from the flower heads of Chrysanthemums.  We  recommend staying out of the treated area until it dries, which in most cases is approximately 30 minutes.    In a comparative test with DEET, when put directly on the skin, typically less than 1% of the active Permethrin ingredient is absorbed into the body; DEET can be absorbed at over 20 times that rate.

I signed up for a seasonal package, do I need to schedule an appointment every 30 days?  

All packages include automatic scheduling of a treatment every 30 days.  Just give us the go-ahead, and we will take care of things from there!  We can send you a text or phone call based on your preference 1-2 days prior to your scheduled treatment as a reminder if requested.   

Do you treat the grass?  Where else do you treat?

Yes, we overspray the grass areas close to patios, walkways, play gyms, etc. Mosquitoes do not usually seek shelter in short grass but longer grass and damp sites are a breeding ground. Ticks are more known to harbor in the organic matter of the woods so we do establish a protective barrier along the grassline of the property.    Our goal in doing a pre spray walk of the property is to seek out the areas where mosquitoes will be resting. The most common areas to find mosquitoes during the day include: the underside of the leaves of dense/shrubby plants, under decks and in damp shady areas of the property. We do recommend that you keep your grass short during the mosquito season. In some cases such as special events like weddings and large outdoor parties, we will spray the grass where your guests will be.

Do I need to be home on my treatment day?  

No.  We will always leave a flag with a date and time that you received your treatment.  Any pets will need to be brought inside during the treatment and can return to the yard after it has dried (~30 minutes).  Please unlock any gates that will be needed for access to your yard.   Again, we can text you before the treatments upon request.  

How long does each application take and why every 30 days?   

A typical treatment will average about 10-20 minutes. Larger yards may take longer to treat. Each treatment lasts approximately 30 days, at which time our team will be scheduled to treat your yard again.   The dried residue continues to provide protection for weeks when the mosquitoes land or feed on the vegetation.  The following treatments will kill the larvae of the mosquitoes creating a safe and fun backyard.     

Will I ever see a mosquito in my yard again? 

The number of mosquitoes in your yard will decline drastically!  Nobody can promise you that you will never see a mosquito again, but we will promise that our service will eliminate up to 95% of those pesky Mosquitoes.  The product works well and we have maintained more than 97% of our clients, year after year!

​Will a treatment hurt my plants?

No, because our chemicals are derived from plants and formulated to target pests, your plants will not be harmed.   

​What mosquito and tick born diseases are known to the Rhode Island area?

Zika, California Encephalitis, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Saint Louis Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Malaria, Chikungunya, Dog Heart Worm and Lyme Disease.

Will rain affect how long the treatment will last?

No, as long as the treatment has sufficient time to dry (30 mins) your treatment will last the 30 days. Some applications warrant a sticking agent in the mix to help prolong the effectiveness during rainy periods.  We will not apply the product during a rain storm.  As long as the product has time to dry and crystallize, rain later in the day will not  lessen effectiveness. 

Do you treat for gypsy moth caterpillars?

Yes we do! Our product is specific to caterpillars and also has a window timeframe for application that proves most effective.  Give us a call to discuss!